About Lofi Limo

I’ve been a big fan of lofi hip-hop music for a long time. I love the sounds and the aesthetic. I love the way a short, simple song can change my whole mood and brighten my day. I love how the genre gives so many new artists a way to share the music that’s in their hearts.

I’ve also been a programmer for a long time. And I’ve never been satisfied with just doing the work in front of me, then going home to watch TV: I’m always thinking of projects I could build for myself or for others. The things we build affect the people we build them for — they can bring people together and make life better or they can push people apart and make life miserable. I want to build things that make life better.

When I dreamed up Lofi Limo, I knew it would bring people together and brighten their days. We’ve all got enough noise in our lives, whether it’s loud co-workers or the latest uproar from cable news and social media. What we could use instead is chill beats to help us relax, focus, and be mindful of what’s really important.

As an artist, I know that as nice as it is to make a song, it’s more pleasurable yet to share it with someone and see their face light up with enjoyment. I knew Lofi Limo could help artists share their work and connect with fans without having to sell the rights to it or give up control over it.

I hope that you enjoy Lofi Limo! I’m always excited to chat with artists and fans. If you’re an artist and you’d like to see your work here, if you’re a listener and notice something that could be better, or if you just have some questions: please drop me a line. My contact information is at the bottom of this page.

There are a few known issues that I haven't been able to crack yet. I try to keep an accurate set of release notes as I make changes. If “inside baseball” interests you, I've also started blogging about how Lofi Limo is built and why.

Lofi Limo is made possible by listeners like you! If you’d like to help out with a monetary gift, please click the button below:

Oh, by the way... Lofi Limo has some secret features. There's also a Lofi Limo app for listening on your iPhone.

Privacy Policy

For my own curiosity and for planning purposes, I count how many listeners each play of a song or bumper has. This is an aggregate count, not tied back to you. If you order physical merchandise, I'll ask for your address so I know where to send it and whether I need to pay sales tax. Beyond that, I don't try to collect your information and I don't plan to do anything creepy with any information you do share with me. That's my policy.

I use PayPal for payment processing. They have their own privacy statement.

Aaron D. Parks
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