About Lofi Limo

This is my take on streaming music for work and study time. I’ve always liked to listen to music while I’m at my desk. As soon as I was introduced to lo-fi I knew it was just the thing for when I’m writing code and I’ve been into it ever since. I think by talking with listeners and artists I can figure out how to make a better place for lo-fi folks to get together.

As a listener, “better” starts with practical stuff: get in and get listening quick, mute when you need to. But it’s not all business… retro styling and huge, moody backgrounds set the stage. I curate the playlist for lots of mellow vibes, sometimes with a touch of melancholy but more often with a bounce of optimism. Everyone hears the same song at the same time, so it’s a shared — and shareable — experience. Your DJ (we call him “the chauffeur”) pops in once in a while to let you know you’re not alone. He’s always got an eye on the road and a hand on the wheel. You’ll never feel like you’re lost in space with a generic playlist generated by a rogue AI.

If you’re an artist, you might have already found that a good way to reach a lot of listeners is to get in with one of the big YouTube streams. But those folks often want ownership of your music so they can make their money by spinning your tracks on Spotify. I keep the limo running with donations from happy listeners, so I want to help you share your music with the folks who appreciate it while it’s still your music that you own. And I go further than that: if you like, I’ll put up a link of your choosing while one of your tracks is playing so your fans can connect with you in whatever way you think is best. Drop me a line if you’d like to hear your tracks or see your GIF loops here!

Now I don't wish to speak ill of other places like YouTube or Spotify where lo-fi folks get together; I’m just not sure they really know we’re here, so I don’t think it's fair to expect them to cater to us. But I am concerned that they might end up at odds with the lo-fi community if they notice they’re losing money on us. That’s what got me into building this.

I'm always looking to improve Lofi Limo. If you notice something that doesn't seem quite right or if you have a sweet new idea, please drop me a line. There are a few known issues that I haven't been able to crack yet. I try to keep an accurate set of release notes as I make changes. If “inside baseball” interests you, I've also started blogging about how Lofi Limo is built and why.

If you’d like to support and encourage me, please click the link below and put a few dollars in the hat. Money can’t buy everything, but it can sure buy bandwidth and iced tea!

Oh, by the way... Lofi Limo has some secret features. There's also a Lofi Limo app for listening on your iPhone.

Privacy Policy

For my own curiosity and for planning purposes, I count how many listeners each play of a song or bumper has. This is an aggregate count, not tied back to you. If you order physical merchandise, I'll ask for your address so I know where to send it and whether I need to pay sales tax. Beyond that, I don't try to collect your information and I don't plan to do anything creepy with any information you do share with me. That's my policy.

I use PayPal for payment processing. They have their own privacy statement.

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