Secret Menu

Lofi Limo has keyboard shortcuts and secret functions for pro listeners.

Space bar — mute if listening, otherwise start listening.

Down arrow — decrease playback volume by one-sixteenth.

Up arrow — increase playback volume by one-sixteenth.

T – engage or disengage ultra-deep window tint (perfect for dealing with paparazzi).

C - connect to chat. Pick a nick-name and you're in. Hit escape to hide the chat.

W - try to request a so-called "screen wake lock" which should prevent your display from automatically turning off or locking. I think this only works in recent-ish versions of Chrome, only when the tab is visible, and maybe only if you're using HTTPS.

If you've got a great idea for a secret function, drop me a line. Maybe I'll document it here or maybe we'll just keep it between us.

Oh! If you don't have a keyboard, you can double-tap on the word "Background" on the player screen to bring up a menu instead.

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